Yoga Promotes Egoism, Not Unselfishness, Say Researchers

While Buddhism implies renouncement of your own desires, yoga does not seem to help Western people achieve this goal. Meditation is touted as a way to calmness, but it appears that yoga exercises and mindfulness practices inflate your ego instead of making you less selfish, say researchers.

Yoga May Improve Sleep Quality

The health benefits of yoga are touted in every nook and corner of the Internet, which definitely contributes to the fast expansion of the practice. As more people are converting to yoga adepts, researchers keep up with the trend and investigate what effects yoga exercises have on health. A recent addition to the list of benefits is improvement of sleep quality.

Why Men Should Do Yoga?

There is an opinion that yoga is an activity for women. Perhaps such stereotype appeared because yoga is usually considered to be a set of exercises focused on relaxing. We believe that working out in a gym is a more suitable occupation for men. But in fact yoga may have an even greater impact on men’s body.

Yoga Classes for Chronic Back Pain: a Miracle or a Reality?

We’ve been observing growing popularity of yoga classes worldwide for a few years. Most of us stay rather skeptical as it seems like a new tendency enjoyed by celebrities. What makes this ancient practice interesting indeed is scientists’ points of view and numerous researches. They tell us that yoga can be a key point in treating really bad states of health. Let us examine how just doing yoga is able to improve your not so optimistically looking problems with back.

Aerial Yoga against Fear of Heights

Health is a great blessing which everyone should care. By doing different exercise and Yoga on daily basis, we can keep ourselves healthy and relaxed. Nowadays yoga is becoming the most important and vital treatment for anxiety as one must do yoga to feel relax and to start their day with happiness.

Yoga for Scoliosis

Is it possible to practice yoga when you suffer from scoliosis? Scoliosis is a very common condition nowadays that involves deviations and can cause bad pain and disability in everyday life.

Emotional Detox: Meditation and Breathing

First, let us consider the components of emotional detox. First and foremost, the emotional detox is directed at stress relief. There are two basic components of it: meditation and breathing.

Health Benefits of Yoga

During the last few decades alternative ideologies and practices for maintaining control over one’s body and mind in order to ensure harmonious and productive life in a rush of modern world have emerged both in the US and many other countries. As it has become known later, these practices also pose visible healing effect when it comes to many health conditions in both physical and mental spheres. This article examines benefits that yoga has proven to bring people.

Chair Yoga for Seniors – Give It a Try!

Seniors and yoga – these things have more in common than one could think of. Despite the fact that elderly people have less options to go in all sports they might like due to their health state; yoga is one of those they can easily try – chair yoga in particular.

Benefits of Yoga for Women

Nowadays it is very hard to find anyone who hasn't got any idea what yoga is. It has become very popular and is competing in popularity with fitness and other exercises. This is a very old technique that counts up to thousands of years. It was founded in ancient India by sages and it is a very old system that attracts and fascinates more and more people in all the countries. It is not only a fitness regime but also a spiritual exercise -a workout for the mind. Benefits of yoga for women in particular are uncountable and...

Pranayama Breathing Exercises are Beneficial for Health

We all breathe all the time, although only few people do realize how crucial this function is for life. Certainly, we are aware that breathing keeps people alive; however it is far beyond this. In fact, breathing is the way to receive oxygen in the bodies, and breathing is the only method for removing harmful things from the body which are toxic if held in the system. As a matter of fact, in yoga, pranayma breathing exercises play an extremely fundamental role in the exercise program, this assists in many ways far be...

Deep Breathing for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Proneness to anxiety and stress is one of the hallmarks of the people living in the modern world. Our hectic, success-oriented way of life depletes the inner resources of the soul, making us break down and succumb to depression. Breathing exercise may help you relieve stress and reduce anxiety, and here is how it is done.

Yoga for Low Back Pain

As a matter of fact this is the main reason why so many individuals need to go to the hospital. In fact, lower back pain is prevalent in those working in offices that have everyday routines. There are numerous causes of low back pain and the majority of them arise because of our habits. Below you will find several of them. Few people might be considering keeping the right posture when they are brainstorming on a project for the whole day. Doing this, you place yourself to having low back pain later. You should take y...

Yoga Weight Loss

Our quick moving world requires a lot of energy from us. If you want to try all the challenges you’d better be fit and healthy. As it is quite hard to take part in all the extreme activities and, even in general, to take part in many activities, if you are overweight or weak. Inability to have all the pleasures of life often make such people depressed. But, luckily, there are a lot of ways to change a situation; the most important thing is desire. Yoga represents is a system of exercises and meditative practices that...

Raw Food Yoga Centers

There have been a lot of books written on the topic of yoga and raw food beneficial combination. Moreover, it is a common practice for Indian yoga practitioners and instructors. But before considering the actual combination and connection it makes sense to find out the benefits of eating raw food. Since there is a lot more information about yoga, this issue seems to require more attention. Raw food is the surest way to get healthier. Some people will be sarcastic as how even fresh veggies and fruits can be compare...

Yoga – this is?

In a general sense yoga is a combination of spiritual and physical practices which are developed in various Hinduism and Buddhism directions. It is oriented at mentality control and high-minded spiritual condition. In narrow sense it is one of six orthodox schools of Hinduism philosophy. It is intended to change person’s position in the world. Basic yoga trends are rajah-Yogi, karma-Yogi, gjana- Yogi, bhakti-Yogi and hatha Yogi. The word yoga originates from Sanskrit “yog” – means “exercise”, “union”, “harmony”. Y...

Therapeutic Yoga – Activation of The Self

In recent years, therapeutic yoga is gaining increasing interest. In fact, yoga offers a wide range of therapeutic applications, often in search of spiritual attainment remains unheeded. Therapeutic Yoga uses elements from various styles of yoga, to maximize efficiency in the activation of the self-forces in the people. In fact, the activation of the part in humans, the self-regulating force, is the focus in yoga therapy. Cleaning, harmonizing, strengths Therapeutic Yoga works on different levels with the basic principl...

The Spiritual Effects of Yoga

The fundamental effects of regular yoga practice are improved concentration, controlled breathing and clarity of mind. For advanced yoga, the impact in the control of thoughts, which are clear and focused, control over the mind of a strong will power and is expanding more psychologically with deeper forces. The ultimate effect of yoga is of manifold. One of these is the realization that you and everyone else in the universe are one. In addition, the self of body, mind and soul, this has gradually felt with biological...

Yoga Classes as Motivation

Yoga classes are an excellent way to motivate you to learn. You do not have to experience before the start of the yoga classes. One needs only the desire to learn and the motivation to continue. Equipment is not needed, or you need an athlete or exceptionally gifted. Choose between House and Courses classes If you still have to go to yoga, is it for you, yoga, so you learn is the basis for properly. Once you know the basics, you can try to move the home. But beforehand, make sure that you know all the techniques. You ...