Why Dieting doesn’t Usually Work?

In the world of consumption, fashion and promotion of a certain body image among people, especially women and girls, dieting has been seen as a good and working instrument to help lose ‘excess’ weight.

Food Fashion 2017

The health craze continues to gain momentum as long as people are increasingly concerned about their physical and mental health, which has to bear the whole brunt of routine rigors of life. This year is promising to be even more vibrant in terms of food trends, as the seeds sown in 2016 should inevitably shoot in 2017. Here are some ideas, which will help you keep your health in check and energy on the rise!

3 Ways to Stop Eating so Much at Night

Many people have experienced situations of sticking to their diet all day long, and then eating a big pile of food at night even though they’ve just come to kitchen to have a glass of water, or coming home after a long hungry day and ending up with a massive attack on a refrigerator?

Low Metabolism? Boost It!

With the age, we notice our metabolism is gradually slowing down. It might happen for many reasons, including hormonal changes, muscles weakening, erratic eating habits, lack of sleep, and various stressful factors, which altogether are inevitable part of life. But at the same time we can use quite easy methods to regulate metabolism by adjusting lifestyle, eating healthier and more regular diet, having more rest – and thus to boost our metabolism.

Best Ways to Slim Down When You are 40 Years Old

It is not a secret that people at 20 or even 30 years old do not think about their weight, it is naturally maintained at the normal range. However, at the older age, weight problems become obvious. Natural weight control mechanisms do not work so eagerly as before. You immediately spot excessive kilos on yourself. It happens due to the slowdown of your metabolism. And if you continue the lifestyle of a 30-year-old, during the next 10 years you might gain 10% of your weight (average data), that is around 5-8 kilos. In wo

Sit Still and Learn to Chew Again!

It is a well-known fact that proper chewing is an absolute must for healthy and stable digestion. However, most of us do chew instinctively, often on the run and/or in a hurry and won’t care a dime about what happens to food when we chew it, why, and how it affects our health. Eventually, we end up with poor digestion and have no idea what has caused it. In many cases, the answer is quite simple: it is our lifestyle and resulting habits that make us forget about a ‘little’ thing like healthy eating!

Perfect Size of Portions to Lose Weight

The first thing to notice when we are talking about portions is that the serving size (mentioned on each package) is not the same as the portion size. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released guidelines that determine the amount or volume of food which a person eats at a time – the serving size. Otherwise, the portion size is the amount or volume of food that you really consume. Obviously, it varies from the suggestions of the FDA.

Foods that Help with Cholesterol

Cholesterol, particularly bad cholesterol, continues to raise heated discussions in the scientific world. There is pretty much controversy over its influence on the body and possible ways of dealing with its consequences.

Healthy Day Is on Its Way!

As diets don’t really work in a long-term perspective, what other ways can we find to both help our bodies to get unloaded and lessen digits on our home scales?

How to Make Your Daily Menu Healthier

Robust alimentary system is a key to a healthy body. The majority of illnesses are directly connected to digestion. The good news for you is that you can improve the state of your health changing your eating behavior. And here are 4 positive habits that will help you to make your daily many healthier. And more tasty, for sure!

Black Tea vs Green Tea: What’s Best?

As various health-giving properties are being found in both green and black tea, people get more and more confused when it comes to their decision on which of the two to choose for regular drinking. Other questions also emerge, like whether it is okay to drink both kinds of tea at the same day; if there is a tea that may not just be of little help, but even harmful for them personally; what amount of tea cups per day is optimal etc. While scientists keep making a lot of effort to discover new data about this drink, we p

Unripe vs. Ripe bananas: Which to Choose?

Normally we choose bananas simply on the basis of their look to us. If they appear ‘pretty’ enough, we put them into our shopping bag. As bananas are very popular among all kinds of people, especially dieters, parents of young kids, students and office workers because they are tasty, filling, highly nutritious and easy to get, carry around and eat.

Restart Your Health!

Everyone desires to stay healthy and young as long as it is possible. And there is a fascinating method to rejuvenate the body at cell level that does not require much investment – starvation cure.

How Much Caffeine Is in Your Coffee (and How does It Affect You)?

Coffee is an integral part of many adults’ daily routine. It provides its energizing effect on people due to its major component called caffeine. Opinions on caffeine differ, with some people stating it is healthy and helpful and the others claiming it is harmful and creates danger of addiction. So where does the truth lie?

Prevention of Clogged Arteries at Home

To determine how to prevent or even cleanse clogged arteries, let us look consider the process of clogging. So, why the arteries are clogged? First of all, you should know that basically the arteries are the pipes of your body, the heart pumps blood which circulates within them, thus spreading blood containing different nutrition elements and oxygen to all of your organs to ensure their normal functioning.

Effective Weight Losing with Family Support

Nowadays, almost everyone can say that he or she is not satisfied with his or her body. That is why, recently, more and more people started paying attention to how they look and to taking care of their bodies. Some people think it is shameful to have excessive weight, thus causing behavior changes. Also, people experience frequent breathing shortages, cardiovascular diseases and decrease in the person’s efficiency. But how to turn weight losing process into a funny and exciting occasion?

Why Green Breakfast Smoothie is Good for You?

Recently, eco-movement started gaining more and more popularity. People move to eco-food and superfoods to clean their bodies, to get rid of toxins and cholesterol to improve the general well-being and even the skin tone, not mentioning the weight loss during the diet. Have you ever wondered why exactly the green breakfast smoothie is beneficial for your health? Here is why.

The Best Diet Plans of 2017

For those who look for a most reliable and healthy diet plan this year - good news. Specialists in the field have reviewed most popular and (what is more important!) most effective diets and here is what they recommend.

What to Eat to Look Healthy

“We are what we eat” is not just a saying, it is a real fact. All human organs depend on the food as an energy source. Consequently, we receive all nutrients from it and the health of cells is maintained by the food. The healthier our cells are – the better skin regeneration and metabolism are. Thus, the appearance gets better and the person getting enough nutrients and vitamins clearly shines with health.