Use These Products Instead of Sugar

Nowadays, it is official: sugar destroys your health. The products on the shelves of any supermarket are stuffed with that ordinary white refined sugar and its artificial alternatives. Fortunately, there are several natural sweeteners that are beneficial for your health and provide that desired sweet taste.

Low FODMAP Diet – a Tough but Necessary Cure

From time to time, we all experience digestion issues: belly pain, bloating, discomfort, and even spasms. It is extremely unpleasant but usually temporary. However, according to data, over 10% of the worldwide population have to live with a chronic disorder called IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), which means they experience these symptoms everyday, but without any detectable underlying disease.

Alkaline vs Acid Foods in Psoriasis Diet

Since psoriasis is considered to be a disease directly related to the general condition of human skin, it goes without saying that nutrition and proper diet has a tremendous influence on the course of a given disease. The skin reflects literally all those problems that are hidden inside. Thus proper diet is of utter importance for patients with psoriasis who want to live active and full-fledged life.

21 Day Fix – Breakthrough or FAD?

Ever since being slim and trim has become the new standard of beauty, weight-loss programs have evolved into a multi-billion industry worldwide. DVD programs, diets, calorie-counting apps, fitness watches, green coffee, green buckwheat, you name it. Every year new weight-loss fads take the world by storm - some based on scientific research, some not.

Perfect GM Diet for 1 Week

The General Motors diet is an efficient and simple program which really helps you to lose several kilos within a week. It is primarily plant based and the ingredients are found at every shop or market.

Mediterranean Diet 

The Mediterranean diet is probably the most famous and tasty diet in the world. Or better to say – it’s a style of eating, living, perception of life. Its essence is in the famous Italian expression ‘dolce vita’ – sweet life. The sea, the sun, bright fresh products ... This diet is a result of historical tradition, centuries of culinary practice, recent evidence-based researches as one the healthiest eating plan to stay energetic. Moreover, it has a great positive impact on human brain and prevents from early aging (dem

Benefits of Juices: What to Choose for Your Diet?

When it comes to enriching one’s diet, juice is often one of the first things to come to mind. Still, insane variety of choices we now see on the market is quite often extremely confusing. Thus, how juices are actually beneficial for us and which of them make sense investing into?

Myths and Reality about Celiac Diet

Approximately one in every 100 Americans is affected by celiac disease or gluten intolerance, but majority realizes they have the condition only in a few years when symptoms are obvious. This health disorder is a condition in which foods that contain the protein gluten (wheat, barley and rye) irritates human small intestine. So "gluten-free" lables on food products in shops are no any longer surprising and people suffering from this disorder have a choice to follow celiac diet.

Trendy and Dangerous Gluten

Gluten has become one of the most controversial topics in the world of food. Nowadays you can buy a gluten free product almost in every supermarket. But the question is: do you really need it? Are gluten free products healthier and better? Or are they just another market speak to assure you that you have to pay more money for vague benefits for your health?

Dieting in Adolescence

With media and Internet playing such a big part in many people’s lives, its influence on our perception of beauty has become unavoidable. And adolescents as particularly susceptible to values and messages transmitted by media quite often end up developing a certain kind of positive and negative body image, with the former one being ‘the thinner, the better’. This results into massive engagement of teenagers into various dieting practices, only few of which are more or less harmless. What impact can dieting in adolescenc

How to Keep Yourself Stable after Weight Loss

Getting rid of weight is a challenge itself for many people, and it is quite a common thing to hope that it will be the biggest challenge so far. However, it appears that maintaining one’s achievement in a long-term perspective becomes even more complicated and tricky than the whole period of losing extra pounds has been.

9 Simple Rules of Spring Detox

Spring is the best season to take care about health and beauty. After long winter, we can feel exhausted and tired, our skin and hair look dull. These are the signs the body is sending us to ask for attention and support. And detox is one of the smart solutions. Detox is a combination of clarifying diet and beauty routine. It is always a short-time measure (1-2 weeks), but if you have any serious health disorder, please consult your therapist.

Season for Vegetables: What You Want to Eat and When?

Being an extremely important part of humans’ regular diet, vegetables play quite a big role in supporting our health sustainability. Fortunately, nowadays the Americans are perfectly able to put any vegetables on their tables regardless of time of the year.

How to Lose Face Fat

It is no big secret that face is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about good looks and attractiveness. There are crowds of people who are dissatisfied with the look of their faces. Most of them say they have accumulated too much facial fat and would like to shed it ASAP. Is it really that simple?

5 Food Myths that Disturb You

Nowadays, the information about healthy eating is overwhelming and it is quite hard to figure out what is actually true and really healthy. We have prepared the list of top 5 myths about food that might have disturbing you for a while.

Bulletproof Diet? – Why not!

Bulletproof coffee?! That's an interesting name for a coffee, indeed. And for a diet – as well. Perhaps, you have already heard of the former; but what about the latter?

Eat Veggies and Get Slim

Nowadays, almost everyone has experienced controlling eating behavior either to lose weight or for other reasons. And it appears that traditional calorie counting and popular diets cause yo-yo effect and do not work for long-term perspective.

Overweight Beginners in Exercising – Workouts for Setting a Training Routine

Starting exercising on a regular basis is a difficult task for people who haven’t been very much into it before. Finding enough time, picking the right exercise program, getting required clothes and shoes are already big challenges. But it may get even harder if one is overweight or obese. At the same time, exercising is of great benefit and importance for those who belong to this group.

Regular Workouts – No Weight Loss. What Might Be the Reasons?

Let’s imagine you’ve got a member card to a luxury fitness club and have regular workouts, or do your daily jogging routine, or you don’t have a car and walk around a lot as your fitness bracelet indicates, or… There might be more possible options, but with one dissatisfying result – weight remains the same, or weight loss is very slow. What are possible reasons?