Measuring Body Fat: Which Methods Really Work?

If you'd like to burn some fat, it's useful to know how much fat you actually have to track your progress. However, body fat percentage is tricky to measure: and no matter what commercials claim, most methods are inaccurate.

Why Diets Do Not Work?

Sometimes we feel that we need to lose some extra kilos to look better or to be healthier. We do not want to go to a gym, because it takes a lot of time. We prefer to stick to a diet, because it is cheaper and does not require time spending. But, unfortunately, sometimes diet is not effective.

Eat Like a Buddhist: Introducing Mindful Eating

Obesity, consitpation, binge eating, food cravings - all these issues stem from our eating wrong things in the wrong way. And while we all know which foods are healthy, your approach to eating is important, too.

The World of Slimming World Program

For many people it is impossible to lose weight without a supervision of another person. Sometimes they lack motivation or just have problems adjusting to a new healthy lifestyle and because of that they give up on it. It means that such people need to find some new way of losing weight. For example, some special programs can help them to achieve better results. One of these programs is Slimming World.

Exercising When Sick: Pro et Contra

Most people believe that exercising when sick can contribute to illness progression. However, it’s not always the case. Don’t let minor colds destroy your workout session: let’s find out when exercising if sick is even beneficial, and when you should put away your running shoes for a little while.

Dietary Fiber Can Help You to Become Healthier

Nutritionists say that consuming food rich in dietary fiber is very important for maintaining good health. Almost every day we see and hear claims to eat more dietary fiber. But do you know why it is so good for your health?

Misleading Health Classes: What Myths Curriculum Harbors

Health education has long been part of the American education system. Ever since Benjamin Franklin, one of the first health class advocates, introduced exercising in school, such classes have been designed to help the young learn how to keep their bodies and brains healthy. However, it appears that not everything we are taught about it is true. Let’s get to the roots of it!

Eat Less and Get Better: a New Cure for Diabetes?

The prevalence of Type 2 diabetes has risen by 300% since 1980 - the disease affects 450 million people worldwide. There is no definitive cure, but a new study suggests that a low-calorie diet may hold the key.

Health Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet is a type of nutrition with low intake of carbs and high content of fats. This diet suggests the significant reduction of the amount of carbs and the increase of fat intake, and subsequently shifts the organism into a special condition — ketosis.

Nutrition Challenge: Is There A Perfect Diet?

The popularity of diet news is evident: there are myriads of websites offering tips on how to balance your meals in such a way so that your body could get all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Yet you may be confused by the diversity of advice: while some claim there is nothing worse than saturated fats, others suggest that everyone should avoid carbohydrate intake. Is there an evidence-based solution that would really reflect the impact of nutrients on our health and take into account all approved recommendations

How to Deal with Age-Related Weight Gain

A lot of people experience age-based weight gain. It seems almost inevitable. Let’s find out what mechanisms in our body cause these changes and how to control them.

The Healing Diet: Try DASH for Your Liver

Fad diets can seriously damage your health and provide only short-term weight loss. But what happens when a diet is developed by scientists? Meet DASH - designed to treat hypertension, this diet can also help combat fatty liver disease!

Study Finds that Your Heart will Suffer if You Skip Breakfast

Most of us remember that we should breakfast as kings (and stick to a rather moderate portions at other meals). Right? It seems that the researches have found another proof to this point. If you skip breakfast, your are likely to deal with atherosclerosis, new study reveals. Here is more about the need of having a filling breakfast.

Paleo Diet: the Myth of a Thriwing Caveman

In this world of processed foods that give us diabetes and heart disease, wouldn't it be better to go back to the original diet of our ancestors who roamed the plains and hunted mammoths? Paleo diet is based on very romantic notions. Are they based on good science?

Foods to Eat and not Gain Extra Weight

Each of us who tried to get slimmer at least once asked this kind of question: What can I eat not to gain weight? Scientists also tried to answer this question and they managed to find the answer!

The Most Essential Metal: Iron in Your Diet

According to the WHO, over 2 billion people in the world suffer from iron deficiency - it is the most widespread nutrition disorder on Earth. While in the West anaemia is less prevalent, you should still arm yourself with some scientific knowledge about iron, since the labels on foods can be very misleading!

2000-Calorie Diet: Is It Worth Eating?

To start we should finally figure out what the word “diet” really means. For those thinking that “diet” means to eat less, “diet” is not more than just an attempt to lose weight.