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Family Dental Care – Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and White

Hygiene is important for every person and family. If you follow personal hygiene properly, your teeth will be healthy and clean; you will reach optimum teeth health resulting in white teeth, fresh breath and pink gums. Here you will find tips for family dental care to keep your teeth white. Be sure you brush the […]

Home Teeth Whitening Kits – Are They Safe?

Are you worried about the unsightly teeth appearance you have? If the teeth are discolored and stained, you will definitely want to return them the original condition. And for this goal a teeth whitening kit is used to achieve great benefits. If you have a reliable teeth whitening kit at home, you can relax knowing […]

How Long Has Tooth Whitening Been Used

Maybe you have also wondered about the fact when people became conscious about teeth. If you have always been interested in this issue or if you would like to know it now we provide you with some interesting facts from history. The history of teeth whitening shows that it was around 3000BC when it started. […]

Two Ways of Tooth Whitening or Teeth Bleaching

Tooth whitening and in other words teeth bleaching are among those things that are very important for people who value the way they look. Actually an attractive smile is a neon sign which announces a charming, pleasant, youthful personality. This is the key which opens many doors. No wonder that Hollywood stars spend a fortune […]

Dental Care for Your Baby and Young Kids

Do you want to learn the secret of getting a perfect teeth set? Then brace yourselves for it – this is a simple old oral hygiene. Have you thought that there will be a kind of rocket-science revelations here? The secret is to establish an appropriate dental care since an early age (just when the […]

Keep Your Mouth Clean With All Natural Therapies for Oral Hygiene

Many people consider that harsh chemicals are necessary to combat gingivitis, tooth plaque and bad breath. But in fact it is not like this. Natural treatments for oral hygiene are effective for boosting gum problems fighting power outside and inside. Let us examine some most spread natural treatments that are used nowadays. Herbal Treatments Some […]

What Are the Good Dentures?

The visit to the dentist causes many people to break out a cold sweat. Therefore, many stress a lot before these dates. However, the visit to the dentist sometimes is very urgent and important, especially when you need dentures. Prosthesis is not only a question of dental aesthetics, but also of health concerns. A tooth […]

Fear of the Dentist

Honestly, who’s not afraid of the dentist? Maybe, there are quite a lot; but only to a very insignificant level, except for those who suffer from Dental Phobia. There are many people that suffer from dental phobia than you would imagine it possible. There are two types of dental phobia or “scared rabbit”. They are:(i)   […]

The Principal Causes of Bad Breath

The most widespread misconception concerning the causes of bad breath, or halitosis, is that people who have bad breath do not brush their teeth. Bad breath is much more complex and serious than this. Of course, you can experience bad breath if you do not brush your teeth everyday and by brushing you can always […]

A Guide to Getting Whiter Teeth

As we grow older, our teeth lose their shiny white color. This can be due to several reasons ranging from cigarette smoke, years of coffee drinking or simply poor mouth hygiene. People resort to buying various whitening products or going to the dentist to perform teeth whitening operations. While these methods may help you have […]

Unconscious Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Unconscious teeth grinding, whether night or day, is called bruxism, and should not be underestimated! The reasons for such complaints are yet to be known, but many dentists, professors and other highly qualified people working on a diagnosis of the reasons for the disorder of the nerves in the jaw.From work already completed, it appears […]

Implants (New Techniques)

The demand for implants (artificial tooth roots made of titanium or ceramic) has in recent years. Implants are in regard to the careful preservation of the remaining teeth, the pollution situation and the preservation of the jaw bone is an adequate substitute for the loss of their teeth. Prerequisite for successful implantation are a good […]