Do Dental Amalgam Fillings Poison Your Body?

Amalgam fillings have been a staple of dentistry for more than a century. Millions of people have them in their mouths, but the controversy surrounding them does not cease to spark heated debates. The very presence of the suspicious metal in their teeth impels many a person to replace their fillings with plastic ones. But is mercury in fillings really dangerous?

When and How Often Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Most of you are likely to exclaim, ‘What kind of a question is that? Of course it’s twice a day!’ One the one hand, you are right: American healthcare organizations recommend this pattern. But questions remain: should it be done after or before breakfast? And how many times a day are enough? Is the Korean 3-3-3 approach more effective? Read on to find it out.

Toothache at Night: the Whys and What-to-Dos

Toothache is difficult to ignore: be it sharp, dull or severe, it indicates there is no excuse for postponing your visit to the dentist’s – and the closer the medical facility, the better. It is especially worrisome if the pain strikes at night. Why do teeth hurt when it’s time for sweet dreams? And what remedies are there which can help you wait till the dawn breaks?

The What and How of Teeth Alignment

Teeth alignment is required not only because it enables you to smile without thinking about your teeth leaning towards one another, but also because failing to address the problem may lead to further damage to teeth. Here is what treatment options there are and why teeth straightening is highly advisable.

Poor Oral Hygiene Linked to Frailty and Heart Issues

Brushing teeth and flossing are part and parcel of oral hygiene. What happens if you fail to maintain it? If you still think that the only consequence which may come as a result of it is tooth decay, you are wrong: poor dental hygiene can cause gum problems, various heart issues, physical frailty and other conditions.

Wisdom Teeth: Remove or Not

Wisdom teeth are large molars, the last (third) in a row of molars. They usually do not develop before 18-25 years, but it is normal if they may not appear during whole life. It often happens that wisdom teeth eruption is a painful or even impossible process because due to lack of space in a lower jaw. Up to 80% of young Europeans have problems with breaking through of at least one wisdom tooth.

How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

White teeth have become something of a greeting card of a nation. In fact, whitening of teeth cost more than $11 bln to the Americans.

Say Goodbye to the Dentist’s Drill and Fillings

One of the most common reasons why people hate going to the dentist is the sound of the drill- this essential piece of equipment in dentistry often creates fear and apprehension in many people who would like to get their cavities fixed. Now there is some good news- scientists have developed a novel method of regenerating rotten death that may decrease the need for a drill in the near future.

Cosmetic Treatments for Teeth

People are judged more and more by appearances these days so it is important for anyone who wants to get on, either in business or their personal life, to have a nice-looking set of teeth which means they should be regular and of a pleasantly white colour. Stained or dark teeth, or a crooked smile, detract immeasurably from one's appearance and hence adversely affect one's dealings with others. Fortunately cosmetic dentistry has made tremendous strides over the last few decades and can offer more solutions to aesthet...

Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

The food we consume affects our teeth as soon as it appears in the mouth? Particular foods affect our teeth in a bad or good way. The bacteria in the mouth react with different foods you eat. This may lead to tooth decay. In fact, some foods don't provoke tooth decay. As a matter of fact, bacteria converts sugar in acids by various reactions with food. The acid attacks tooth enamel, which triggers decaying process. Foods Good for Teeth Milk Products Milk, cheese and yogurt are best food to keep your gums and teeth ...

Gums Swelling Is a Strong Reason to Visit a Dentist

It's obvious that everyone should care about his/her teeth. Otherwise the visit to a dentist will certainly disappoint you with new health problems. That's why if some signs of teeth disease have already appeared such as aching or gums bleeding consult your dentist immediately. And there can be nothing more disappointing than getting gums swelling. It's the first evident sign that something is wrong with the teeth. Sometimes this disease may simply be the result of the previous dental work, but in most cases it's a w...

Broken Tooth: Tips on What to Do after Such an Accident

If such an unpleasant surprise like broken tooth appears in your life you should be ready to fight the pain it may bring. Follow our advice and don't be afraid of such surprises. Despite our teeth are very strong they still may break sometime. For example, while eating or cracking nuts, rinsing one's mouth with water while teeth cleaning or whatever. You may also get your teeth broke in fighting or in case of unexpected fall. There are a lot of situations which bring the same result - broken teeth. No doubt, one y...

Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

There are a lot of reasons why teeth yellow and stop being so white and beautiful. One of them is pretty natural - it is aging. It is not really possible for a person to preserve the same whiteness of teeth as it was in teenage years as we eat and drink and chew and smoke and what not and it is only natural that teeth yellow by the age of 40. The nest reason for teeth getting yellow is genetic. If your teeth are generally thick, they get lighter and are easier to bleach. In case the teeth are thin, they are less resp...

Painful Gums

Oral hygiene is always presupposed to be only about teeth in the minds of many people. However, it is more than that. Surely enough, white teeth it is something that everyone should aspire to but there are also gums and they should also be taken care about. Painful gums is something that can lead to problems with teeth and this is not what you would like to have. A great many of dental illnesses start with painful gums and that is why they also need proper attention. There are a lot of causes that lead to painful gum...

How Can I Whiten My Teeth?

It is possible to whiten teeth without going to any clinic just with the help of home methods. The thing is that all of them have got certain adverse effects that are light but should be taken into consideration. It should also be noted that these home methods will never give you the same results as professional procedure. Therefore, it is better to be realistic at once. The question on how can I whiten my teeth has several answers when it comes to non-professional remedies - there are paint on substances, also toothpas...

Sensitive Teeth Causes

It is a normal way of things for people with sensitive teeth to avoid foods that are too hot or too cold. The thing is that taking such things is fraught with pretty unpleasant sensations and it makes hard and even unbearable to chew food after it. There are several reasons why teeth can react in such a way and here are some of the most frequent ones. One of the few sensitive teeth causes is poor oral hygiene. All in all it is recommended to take care of teeth and mouth in order not to have problems later. First of a...

Ways to Prevent and Treat Dental Caries

Dental cavity or caries is an old disease. Caries damages the teeth. If the damaged tissue is left untreated, it may cause extreme pain, infection and even tooth extraction, in some severe cases even death. Dental caries is a disease that has been present for ages: starting from the Bronze, Iron ages till the present time. As a matter of fact tooth decay has become more common since the introduction of Coca-Cola in the 19th century. Poor diet habits are the main cause of tooth cavity all over the world. In fact, dent...

Tooth Decay Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Tooth decay or dental cavity/caries is a very common problem which affects people all over the world. This disorder is widely spread and it usually happens because of bad oral habits. In fact tooth decay is caused by tooth demineralization induced by acid producing bacteria. Dental cavity starts on the outer tooth surface and then makes its way to deep layers. All in all, dental cavity does not occur suddenly. It happens because of poor oral habits. As a matter of fact bad oral hygiene can trigger plaque formation wh...

Home Remedies for Toothache List

Toothache is one of the most terrible types of pain. Most sufferers seek immediate relief, because they find it hard to bear it until they get to a dentist. The pain killers, which we are going to focus on here, will provide temporary relief, but they will not deal with the problem itself.