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    Effective Natural Treatment for Leukemia

    By Raul Solis - Leukemia is a notoriuos disease of the century. It requires many efforts to combat the ailment. Luckily, there are natural treatments for leukemia.

    Acute Leukemia Symptoms and Little Known Facts

    By Claire Billes - Acute Leukemia is a kind of disease that is better to be recognized as early as possible. Today doctors say this health problem can be cured even with exceptionally with the help of drugs or mild chemotherapy. It’s important to know symptoms of this disease as in the US only more than 30,000 people a year are diagnosed acute leukemia. 

    Leukemia: Symptoms, Types and Possible Treatments

    By Claire Billes - Leukemia is a disease that seems is known to everyone – we can frequently hear about it on TV, it’s noticed in movies and shows, but the majority of us can hardly tell what it really is.