Breast Cancer Treatment. From Herbs to Modern Methods

Breast cancer is a typical pathological process that accompanies us throughout history. It might look like the problem of the recent century, however, medical texts of different ages prove it otherwise. So, let's have a look how this illness has been approached so far.

Breast Cancer – Are You in the High-Risk Group?

Mammary gland is one of the most cancer-prone parts of a woman’s body. Because a high percentage of women develop this disease, all women are concerned, and many are chronically worried about it. Who is the most likely target? Is there a salvation? Is it really a death sentence for those who eventually develop it?

Celebrities with Breast Cancer

Sir Elton John, Ashley Judd actress, Ivanka Trump model, Donna Karan fashion designer and more than 1,000 celebrities and ordinary visitors supported the Fund of breast cancer combating (BCRF), by visiting the "Hot Pink Party" in the grandiose New York hotel Waldorf Astoria. Due to numerous publications in magazines, newspapers, discussions of the problem on television and radio, many women unaware of breast cancer. However, much of women are not aware of the basic facts about breast cancer: how often and why it aris...

Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer – What Side Effects can Occur?

Cancer cells are due to their high rate of sharing particularly sensitive to the effects of chemotherapy. Yet the damage used by the drugs (cytostatics) are also healthy cells. In affected mainly cells, which multiply rapidly. Learn more about: When chemotherapy is useful? Aftercare in the hospital or at home? These include the cells of the mouth, the mucous cells in the stomach and intestines, the blood-forming cells of the bone marrow, and the hair root cells. They are therefore very often unwanted side ...