Cervical Cancer: How to Help Prevent It and Not to Overlook

Although efforts are being made to raise awareness about different forms of cancer and standard ways to prevent them that medicine offers, there is still a lot of work to do, as many Americans do not know what the symptoms of cervical cancer are, and what the two ways to routinely diagnose it are. It this article, we will discuss cervical cancer symptoms and standard vaccines and tests.

Breakthrough: Scientists Invent Cancer Blood Test

Cancer detection has always been a difficult task, and all those methods which are currently available imply expensive and far from being pleasant means of diagnostics, such as colonoscopy. Now researchers have invented a blood test that is a step towards early, non-invasive, and accurate diagnostics.

Cancer Can Be Treated With the Help of CRISPR

Every year more than 8 million of people die because of cancer. World Health Organization predicts that in 20 years the number of people who have cancer will increase at 70 per cent as well as deaths related to cancer. Scientists are untiringly trying to find the way to cure cancer. Recently China has introduced a new method of fighting cancer with the help of our immune system.

Can Meat Consumption Cause Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that appears unexpectedly and sometimes with no evident reasons. But two years ago World Health Organization in the cancer report named what products can cause cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment. From Herbs to Modern Methods

Breast cancer is a typical pathological process that accompanies us throughout history. It might look like the problem of the recent century, however, medical texts of different ages prove it otherwise. So, let's have a look how this illness has been approached so far.

Can Pigmentation Signal about Skin Cancer?

In our society tanned skin is mostly associated with health, well-being and leisure. And many people, especially women, crave to get their summer tan at whatever the cost. But the cost can be too high.

What You Need to Know about Lung Cancer in Women

Smoking, including second-hand smoke, increases the risk of oncology contraction in women. In fact, there is a special gene in feminine bodies that replies for tumour growth in case of smoking. That is why women are more prone to lung cancer. 

Cancer Fighter Foods

Though a cure from cancer has not been invented yet, a number of precautions can be taken in order to decrease probability of getting this terrifying diagnosis. It is known pretty well that certain lifestyle and diet can influence one’s health, including chance to malignant change, both in negative and positive ways. Luckily, some foods have proven to be able to either work as a preventive measure or, in some cases, even fight already existing cancer back.

Breast Cancer – Are You in the High-Risk Group?

Mammary gland is one of the most cancer-prone parts of a woman’s body. Because a high percentage of women develop this disease, all women are concerned, and many are chronically worried about it. Who is the most likely target? Is there a salvation? Is it really a death sentence for those who eventually develop it?

Brain Cancer Life Expectancy

Brain cancer is a very serious condition and one should be aware how it can develop. The condition generally happens when some brain cells create a tumor and become uncontrollable. As a result they affect a person's body further on, aggravating the condition even more and leading to lethal outcome.

Radiation Therapy Cancer Treatment

One of the reasons why radiation therapy is used in the treatment of cancer is because cancer cells are very fast in growing and it is important to deal with them as soon as possible. Radiation therapy prevents the development of the illness by destroying cancerous cells and making it impossible for them to grow and spread further. Radiation therapy uses different radiation sources for the treatment of different cancer types. Actually, at the present moment it is possible to treat or at least alleviate almost all can...

How to Detect Early Signs of Skin Cancer

Being diagnosed with skin cancer is taken hard by many people. To make a decision is a worrisome time is really tough. The good news here is that the chances for you to survive skin cancer are very good provided that it is detected early in early stages. In fact, the best way to control cancer is to care for your skin and be attentive to any changes. Thus you can catch skin cancer before it develops to later stages. The chance of beating skin cancer is high if you lead an active lifestyle and can detect it early. ...

Balanced Nutrition is Effective for Skin Cancer Prevention

Deficiencies in the diet are closely related to skin cancer. Carcinogens can trigger cancer infiltrating cells and corrupting the DNA. This provokes the DNA mutation which converts normal cells in malignant ones. The body can fight off mutations by boosting the immunity with a healthy diet. Apart from a healthy diet your body also needs antioxidants for skin cancer prevention. Antioxidants are able to deactivate dangerous radicals which trigger an oxidation process and allow the carcinogens enter normal cells. Let?s ...

Skin Cancer Causes and Effects

Like other cancer types, skin cancer is generally caused if the cells are being exposed to an environmental condition. This makes cells, or even genes to mutate into oncogenes. An oncogene triggers tumor growth. In most cases it is unclear what environmental condition may have caused cancer. In case of skin cancer, it is thought that the environmental condition causing tumor formation is ultraviolet radiation. Sunlight is the most common ultraviolet radiation source we are usually exposed to. Some individuals are mor...

Skin Cancer Melanoma- The Four Stages

In fact, there are 4 stages of melanoma which categorize the seriousness of skin cancer. Every stage is determined by the thickness and extent that melanoma has spread to. When melanoma is diagnosed and its stage is detected, then it's possible to determine the proper treatment. Melanoma in stage 1 is thin. Generally the epidermis appears scraped. This skin cancer stage is usually divided into 2 subcategories. The subcategories identify the tumor thickness. Melanoma in stage 1is less than 1.0 mm; there is no ulcerati...

Causes of Brain Cancer

Brain tumors types First group of categorizing brain tumors should be based on their character: benign or malignant. Benign tumors don?t have cancerous cells and they cannot metastasize. Malignant tumors in the brain consist of cancer cells which are not limited to the original tissue and can spread to the neighboring areas and metastasize. It is possible to classify brain tumors as primary and secondary. The thing is that primary tumors originate in the brain cells. They might be of both types cancerous or not. A...

Brain Cancer Treatments

As a matter of fact there are several forms of brain cancer. It is necessary to know and realize that treating brain cancer ought to be customized to a particular person. While treatments are standard, it is vital for the doctor to take into account the patient's age, and any potential health complications you might have. Additionally, the doctor should consider the tumor type you have, its location and the size of abnormal growth. As long as there are several types of brain cancer, there are also different types of ...

Cell Phones and Brain Cancer: Link between Them

Nowadays everybody is well informed about the harm and danger of smoking but an interesting fact is that nine out of 10 doctors recommended patients smoking Camels. This example is set to show that the multi-billion dollar mobile phone industry has a great interest in keeping their customers unaware of potential dangers that cell phones might bring. As a matter of fact it is now absolutely official, and the recent studies have shown that there is an undeniable connection between the use of cell phones and malignant t...

Useful Information On Brain Cancer

The word combination brain cancer always brings horror more than other types of cancer. We do not actually minimize the danger of brain cancer but it is not always fatal. Cancerous tumors in the brain do not always spread to other body areas but remain in the cranial cavity. However, it will affect other tissues of the area and lead to severe challenges. The tumor might grow pushing the brain parts and causing different reactions like nausea, comas, headaches, vomiting, and conditions when the patient victim seems ou...