Eye Stroke Symptoms and Treatment Options

Eye stroke is a serious condition that can lead to loss of eyesight. In medical terms it is called anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION), or a stroke of the optic nerve.

The worst thing about it is that it cannot be predicted somehow – it can just start unexpectedly. Generally it is one eye that gets affected first. There is a chance that only one eye will stay damaged; however, more frequently eye stroke symptoms spread to another eye after some time. An eye stroke is a stroke of an optic nerve and therefore brain stays intact (unlike when in a standard stroke it frequently ends up with weakness and paralysis, slurred speech and other complications). In case of eye stroke symptoms are different.

First symptom of eye stroke is a change in visual perception. Generally it is expresses in a condition when a person is no longer able to distinguish changes of shades. Without it a person becomes unable to see the world in three dimensions as it is in reality. This is very important as long as without it anything that presupposes depths estimation becomes really hard; moreover reading becomes impossible as well.

One more eye stroke symptom is partial loss of peripheral vision. It starts from the lower fraction of the visual field. Later on the condition progresses further. In some people it is different – side or upper vision is lost first. Tunnel vision is also a very wide-spread variety of vision loss in the result of eye stroke.

Enhanced sensitivity to light can be considered one more eye stroke symptom. In this case a person’s eye finds the glare given off by objects and light bulbs much less bearable and hard to stand. Such increased sensitivity can be considered as a part of a person’s loss of visual contrast and also creates a lot of problems.

Eye stroke symptoms mostly represent different grades of vision loss and in some cases very dramatic. Thought the further development of the symptoms is very individual, it is frequent that with every other symptom general condition worsens. As it has been aforementioned, vision problems that start in one eye spread to the other one; however in some cases it can be only one eye that is affected.

Optical nerve stroke is a serious thing and eye stroke symptoms can complicate a person’s life considerably. This is not absolutely untreatable condition but it is hard to cure completely. With good luck and if reported to a doctor at early stages the chances of getting things back and better are pretty high. The most important thing that timely interference will prevent the condition from worsening and will allow taking proper measures for improvement.

Among the most common eye stroke symptoms treatment methods are extensive retinal photography and laser treatments. It is very important to report to a doctor any impairments as soon as possible as chances to get vision as much back to normal are way higher in this case. One more treatment option is glaucoma medications – they are used to lessen the pressure on the eye and therefore alleviate the condition.

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