Does Bystolic Cause Hair Loss?

Hypertension is a problem for a great number of Americans. It is common that some people do not even suspect the presence of the illness as the symptoms are not very noticeable. Therefore it is strictly recommended that you undergo regular medical check-ups. It is always better to know earlier.

The condition can be caused by a wide range of factors such as smoking, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle, as well as genetics and ageing.

Bystolic, or Nebivolol, Nebilet, Nebilong, Nubeta and Lobivon is a preparation of a beta-blocker medication and is presupposed for the hypertension treatment, and also a number of related conditions. It works by controlling the amount of adrenaline that appears in the heart and cardiovascular system. Hereby the heart rate decreases and blood pressure goes down making the pressure to the lungs and heart.
But, the administration of this drug is also fraught with a number of rather nasty side effects. Therefore make sure that you are informed about all the possible adverse effects if you are prescribed to take Bystolic.

Among the list of side effects there is no such one as hair loss, but certain cases have been reported and it is recommended to consult your doctor in any way before you start the therapy.

Generally, drug-induced hair loss tales place on the hairline and top of the scalp; there is usually little or no thinning on the sides or back of the head. It happens because the follicle either stops producing hair at all, or the hair shaft is so thin, that it gives the appearance of less hair. It is normal, however, that with the termination of the treatment the hair comes back to normal, in other words, the whole condition is reversible. But the problem is that this rule true to other drugs does not work with beta-blockers like Bystolic. Hypertension treatment is usually carried out during the whole life and therefore the administration of the drug cannot be stopped. Sometimes a person has to choose between the risk of cardiovascular complications and hair loss prospect.

The good news is that nowadays we have much better options and possibilities that even some 10 years ago. It is hard but not impossible to regrow the hair you have lost. And, what is even more encouraging is that new drugs are being developed; the ones that will be able to help the condition and treat hypertension without any undesired side-effects, hair loss, including.

Therefore if you have high blood pressure and are recommended to take Bystolic, make sure you find all the information about its uses, pharmacological characteristics and possible drug effects. Consult your healthcare provider or therapist on the account your individual reaction to the drug and if there are other options. Because a beta-blocker is a medication responsible for your life; and the wrong choice can be fraught with bad complications.

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