The Main Causes of Child Obesity

Child obesity sounded like a joke even fifty years ago. Today it becomes common and thus many start considering it insignificant and thus unimportant to cure, but medical researches show a direct connection between extra weight and such health problems as diabetes, heartburn or asthma.

If your child is obese, most probably he will keep his weight during whole life. Certainly, this is not law and there are exceptions, but for overweighted child it will be definitely hard to return to normal weight in adult age due to metabolism. Children have fastest metabolism and as they grow up their metabolism steadily slows, so it takes much efforts to lose even several pounds.

If you’re a parent of a child with extra weight, you should help your kid and get him back in shape to prevent many troubles both physical and psychological ones. Even though obesity is rather widespread among today’s kids affecting each fourth child, obese teenagers often develop inferiority complex and prefer to stay alone, etc.

There are several main causes of child obesity. The most common one is food. Pay attention at what your child eats. This doesn’t mean eating low fat meals. Even if you eat healthy food only, your child can gain weight if he doesn’t have physical workouts and spends much time in front of TV or computer. When we were young we preferred spending our free time by playing outside or devoting it to hobbies like sport games or cycling. Today an average American kid spends several hours watching TV or playing computer games a day. For many it has become a habit to chew something. Snacks that are usually high calorie ones with lack of movement cause weight gain. Make sure your child moves enough every day. At least one-two times a week your child should have physical training or walk on fresh air.

Fast food is the second problem. Fast food is inexpensive and usually tasty food that is completely unhealthy one. Try to prevent your child from eating fast food every day and explain why this meal is unhealthy.

Also children receive much from family. This includes both heredity and family habits. Children usually copy family traditions and habits and so if you and your spouse are overweighted, probably, your child will have extra weight too. Heredity is the most difficult to factor to change. If your child eats healthy food and has regular physical workouts and still gains weight, most probably heredity is involved. Most often heredity is shown not as overall body weight, but regional fat distribution or fast weight gain. Such children must develop a habit to monitor their meals and daily physical activities.

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