Menstrual Periods: When Will I Get My Period?

No doubt millions of girls from all over the world keep in their mind such a question: ? When will I get my period?? Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a definite answer to it, as in each case a lot of individual factors which influence on the beginning of this process take place.

The only thing is clear ? the first period is going to be got during puberty. This means ? during the period of becoming an adult ? a period of transformations and changes that take place inside and outside girl?s organism.

Depending on numerous factors this period may start, for example, at the age of 8, but some girls start puberty later ? at 12-14. So there is nothing to worry about if someone experiences a bit earlier or a bit later puberty – it must come, anyway.

How do I know that puberty has already started?

Actually, before the first period takes place there may appear some signals which mean that puberty has already started. First of all, girls notice that there appears hair on their genitals and under arms, their breasts start developing, and so one.

Once a girl notices these changes ? she should be ready to wait 2-2,5 years to experience her first period. Of course, as every girl is different, in some cases it may take a bit more or a bit less time.

There is one more sign of first period coming: if a girl notices that white mucous discharge (which is usually quite thick) comes from her vagina, then it is usually about 6 months left to wait for her first period.

When I get my first period ? what?s then?

To put it short, when a girl gets her first period it means that from this time she could become a mom one day.

There are 2 ovaries in each girl?s organism. There are thousands of teeny eggs in these ovaries, and there are also 2 tubes connecting ovaries with the place where babies grow (uterus).

When a girl has her period, hormones influence those eggs in ovaries and they (eggs) become mature. Each month one egg starts its journey from ovary to uterus. But if it is not fertilized, it comes out with blood and tissue from uterus walls. But in case the egg is fertilized, the period doesn?t come and all that blood and tissue that had been collected on uterus walls acts as a cushion for a baby which starts growing when the egg and sperm meet each other.

Is my period normal?

This question also belongs to the category of the most popular. Some girls are worried with too lasting or too short periods, the others are frightened by heavy periods with cramps, stomach pain and disorders.

Actually, there are no 2 girls with identical periods, so it is very difficult to say what the norm is. Still, periods usually last from 2 to 7 days. Moreover, for the first time periods are usually irregular. And it takes them about 1-1,5 year to become regular. The cycle length is usually from 21 to 34 days, but again, it may vary depending on individual features.

The amount of blood that comes out of a body also varies. If you suspect that you lose too much blood, you?d better consult the doctor. You should also visit your doctor if your periods bring you too much pain or discomfort. Fortunately, nowadays there exists a lot of medicine which can bring relief. And to feel more comfortable during periods use only those tampons and pads that suit you the best.

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