The news about pregnancy can be a great thing for some women and a shock for other. It is a blessing for a woman who is trying to conceive but cannot for some reason. However, it might be pretty unexpected fir another and therefore a little bit of complication. In any way, it is always presupposes a change in life and a significant one.

Generally the feeling of being pregnant comes unequivocally. It is natural for a woman to sense the changes in her organism. This is especially true about feeling pregnant if a couple has been expecting a baby for a pretty long time. However, there are cases when a woman may get such feelings without actual basis. In this case pregnancy tests show negative results and there is confusion what to believe ? intuition or a test ? both can be wrong.

Surely enough it is necessary to get a pregnancy test if you feel any of the pregnancy symptoms manifesting themselves. A woman can start with a simple one ? home pregnancy test. However, it is considered not that accurate actually and in case a woman still thinks that it is wrong, blood test can be done to get better and more accurate results. In case of HPT (or home pregnancy tests) they are still pretty useful and can be obtained in every pharmacy and grocery store. Women applying for their help should follow the directions accurately in order to get true results. In case you feel pregnant but negative test results, it is necessary to try conducting a test for the second time for the confirmation.

As it has been mentioned, in order to get a test result that is accurate it is essential to read the instructions carefully and follow them directly. In this case the efficiency of a test will be pretty high. However, if you still feel pregnant and negative test does not persuade you, there are more professional tests such as urine or blood tests. They are also can be conducted at home; however, it is recommended to do such things at the clinic for the sake of more accurate results.

Urine test is presupposed to discover a pregnancy hormone, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). It is released in the urine of a woman expecting a baby. Besides, this hormone is responsible for such things as morning sickness and painful sensations in the busts ? actual symptoms of pregnancy.

All the pregnancy tests are based on this principle of detection of this specific hormone in a woman?s urine. It is possible to find them within about 10 days after fertilization. The situation when you feel pregnant and negative test results are shown is possible when you conduct a test prior to fertilizing. Then it is pretty clear that it will turn out to be negative and the second confirmation one will be needed. A woman who feels pregnant and has a delay in her periods is recommended to wait about 5-10 days before conducting a test. In case you still feel pregnant and negative test is also the same, it is necessary to go and check with a gynecologist.

Sometimes in rare cases it is necessary to repeat a test for about 3 times in order to make sure whether it is a ?yes? or a ?no?. There are cases when the egg of a woman gets fertilized but is unable to implant in the uterus. Instead, it remains in the fallopian tube, for instance. This condition is called an ectopic pregnancy and is a dangerous condition. The levels of HCG in urine are lower in this case and, although a woman is actually pregnant, a test is negative.

And again, in case after all the home tests you still feel pregnant and negative test does not discourage you, the best thing to do is to go and get a medical check ? this is the surest way to know the truth.