The Metabolic Balance Diet

balance dietThe Metabolic Balance diet is based on individual boosting metabolism. The diet was designed and developed by Dr. Funfack. Nutritionists, medical practitioners and doctors offered to an individual metabolic analysis before making the diet, support this diet. Here it is assumed that each person is different and has its own individual metabolism. After analysis of the metabolism, a diet plan to lose weight is created. Because of the blood sample to be analyzed various blood and nutrition plan are known.

The aim of the diet plan is to keep the insulin levels low. It is similar to the Logi diet, Glyx diet or low carb diets. The carbohydrates are often reduced; protein and fat may be a higher proportion of food. The base of the food is the food pyramid after the Logi principle. After evaluation of the blood, analysis will be using a computer program of the individual diet plan. The carbohydrate will be especially needed from fruit and vegetables covered in bread, pasta and potatoes are almost entirely abandoned.

The Metabolic Balance cookbook
The diet is divided into four phases. The first phase is similar to fasting. With Glauber salt is emptied of the gut and there must be 200 grams of rice to be eaten. This phase lasts for two days.

The second phase should be almost up to be desired weight. Depending on the metabolism on what amount of the calories are down. Between each meal, there must be a time span of at least five hours. The last meal should not be taken too late. On alcohol and sugar should be completely waived.

In the third phase of the plan can be a little easier. On occasion, alcohol, sugar or White flour products are allowed to be taken again to a normal life you are accustomed.

In the fourth phase begins the lifelong maintenance phase. They should respect the principles of nutrition and should be maintained on a daily basis.

Those who adhere strictly to the plan will keep the good slimming diet. The disadvantage lies in the price. If an individual wants to support with analysis, you must spend about 300 Euros. Before you spend the money, it is recommended to buy a book on diet. You cannot put on individual care, but you can test whether one’s diet is. Straight women find it difficult to sustain in bread or pasta alone. It would be a shame that we spend money and then find out later that maintaining a diet is too hard to do.

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