How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy?

Every day we use cars and fill them with fuel, we go to some places by buses and taxes, and we do not even think that we gradually kill not only our environment, but also our body, or being more precise our lungs. We live in era when there is not enough clean air, and we have to breathe in air with impurities because it is the only option. But what can we do change the situation and to take care of our lungs?

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Respiratory system is very important for a person as our life depends on our breathing. It is a well-known fact that a person can live without oxygen for a couple of minutes. That is why it is important to keep your lungs in good condition. You can do it by following simple recommendations.

Give up smoking

It is the most common and the most evident advice but also a very important one. When you smoke thousands of chemicals intrude your respiratory system and as a result influence your lungs in a very unpleasant way. Long time smoking may be the cause of many diseases ranging from simple cough to emphysema and even cancer. And what is more important you are killing not only yourself while smoking, but also people around you. They are involuntary smokers, who breathe in almost the same amount of chemicals as you do. And as a result you both increase your chances to get lung cancer.

Do exercises

Doing exercises will not improve your lungs, but will improve their functioning. It happens because while you are doing exercises, two organs are working in you, they are your heart and your lungs. Lungs breathe in air and heart transmits it to the whole body. When you come to the gym for the first time it might be difficult for you to do any exercise, because you have to breathe more frequently, but in time the frequency of your breath will lower. This means that your lungs become stronger as well as your heart and the blood circulation does.

Eat right food

Scientists have proved that food rich in antioxidants is good for our lungs. It is connected with free radicals that are produced by traffic fumes and smoke spread in the atmosphere. Our body produces antioxidants to fight free radicals itself, but it will be great if we help our body and eat some food that contains antioxidants. People who eat red cabbage, tomatoes and potatoes reduce the risk of cancer by 50 per cent. Good news is that white wine can also be used as a source of antioxidants. It is important to remember that you have to drink not the whole bottle but just one glass.

Improve indoor air

Air pollution is a problem of outdoors as well as indoors. There are many factors that may contribute to air pollution in your room, among them fumes from fireplace, fur of pats, mold, and even air freshener. Professionals recommend that you improve the air in your place in three directions. They are the elimination of pollution sources, improving of the system of ventilation, and the usage of air purifiers.

Breathe right

The right way to breathe is through the nose. Nose performs the function of air filtration. When we breathe through the mouth, the likelihood of getting microbes and infections, and other undesirable elements into the lungs increases. It is especially important to breathe through the nose in hot, cold or simply polluted air, because then no microorganisms can get into your body and cause some disease.

Lungs are one of the most important organs in our body. We have to treat them with a special care to secure a healthy future for ourselves. It is very important to react as quickly as you can when you noticed any problems with your lungs, such as coughing or pain in chest. You should immediately visit your doctor, and do not wait for your lungs to cure themselves.

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